Sunday, July 12, 2009

This 'n that.

In 2006, we had voting machines that were called do-hickeys. That should give you an idea of the level of expertise of our trainer. This year, we have voting pads. And the voting has been amazingly smooth. Clear instructions each time, and plenty of techies running around to make sure everything is working. What a relief. And how much easier it is to vote when there a close numbers or the need for a 2/3 vote. No counting of hands or heads, but a simple pressing of 1 or 2, and a minute or two later, we have a result. Wow.

It was good to have lunch with Mark Juchter yesterday. Mark was associate with St Clement's before Michael, and left us to go active duty Air Force at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. He's a captain and chaplain in the USAF. Mark will be deployed to Qatar in September for a four-month tour. One thing he has asked for is prayer beads to take with him, so on my return home, we will begin to pull together that ministry.

Jesus pencil toppers have also made their second General Convention appearance among the Hawaii deputation. They're in the process of perfecting their 6-Jesus pyramid before attempting the 10-Jesus pyramid.

Those present during the day in the convention center are greeted by these sweet boys as we walk out for lunch. The guy on the right does all the talking. Really, really loud. And really judgemental (as if you couldn't already guess). They're lots of fun to watch and listen to. I've been told that they picket even the most conservative churches in the area. Haven't seen Fred Phelps and his God-Hates-Fags legion. For that I'm most thankful.

One of the afternoon's speakers from Kenya -- dean of a theological college there.

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