Friday, July 17, 2009

And the House of Deputies concurs.

This morning the HoD was asked to concur with C056 regarding same sex blessings. After much testimony at the mikes, the House concurred without amendment. The vote by orders was:

Clergy: Yes, 74; No, 27; Divided, 7
Lay: Yes: 78; No, 23; Divided, 7

The Hawaii clergy deputation voted 3-1 No. I was the only yes. The Hawaii lay deputation voted 3-1 Yes. I'm sorry for such a disappointing clergy vote, but this is the Episcopal Church, after all. With four or five gay clergy couples in the diocese and numerous gay couples and families with children in our congregations, the challenge will be how we can now be more pastoral in our responses to those who ask for their unions to be blessed. And the answer to that will have to come from the bishop.

It's important that we pray for the people and clergy in the Diocese of Hawaii, that decisions are based in the nuances of pono more than in the nuances of the law. How do our relationships in the context of our faith communities help us to bring even more into the sacramental life of the church those whom we have been so intent on excluding?

We will have to wait and see.

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